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John Goodman – The Times Square Gym

    John Goodoman The Times Square Gym 4to, illustrated softcover Published by Evan Publishing, New York in 1996 Back in the days, boxing clubs were a popular place for … Continue reading

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Ryan Weideman – In My Taxi – New York After Hours

      Author: Ryan Weideman Title: In My Taxi – New York After Hours Published by Thunder’s Mouth Press in 1991 8vo, softcover photographically illustrated   Ryan Weideman an … Continue reading

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Ulrich Eckhardt and Werner Duftmann – SoHo Downtown Manhattan

Authors : Eckhardt, Ulrich ; Duttmann, Werner Title : Soho – Downtown Manhattan 8vo, photographically illustrated softcover, no dust jacket. Published in 1976 by Akademie Der Kunste – Berliner Festwochen     … Continue reading

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Cory Jacobs, Jason Schmidt, Alex Vlack – Everywhere Always

Authors: Cory Jacobs and Jason Schmidt (photography), Alex Vlack (Text) Title: Everywhere Always Published by Cottage Eight Books in 2017, an edition of 400 8vo, softcover with a stiff dust … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Biddle – Alphabet City

Author: Geoffrey Biddle Title: Alphabet City Published by University of California Press, in 1992 8vo, hardcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket, with approximately 125 pages   This photobook portrays the … Continue reading

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Koichi Inakoshi – Maybe, maybe

Author: Koichi Inakoshi Title: Maybe, maybe 8vo, hardcover with a photographically illustrated dust jacket. Published in 1971 by Kyuryudo, with an essay by Key Hasegawa ——  

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Aaron Siskind – Harlem Document

Title: Harlem Document Author: Aaron Siskind 8vo., Hardcover with a photographically illustrated dust jacket, Published in 1981 by Matrix Publication ——    

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New York City Parks – Street Art/N.Y. – A Photo Essay

Title: Street Art/N.Y. – A Photo Essay Author: New York City Parks – Recreation and Cultural Affairs Administration Photo credits to: Randy Abbott, Eric Jones, Katrina Thomas 4to, Softcover, 26 … Continue reading

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Cristina De Middel – SPBH Book Club Vol. III

  Untitled Author: Cristina De Middel Published in April, 2013, by Self Published Be Happy (SPBH) Edition size: 500 8vo, illustrated hardcovers, 60 pages and 30 color plates, printed in lithography — … Continue reading

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Allen Ginsberg – Photographs

Photographs Allen Ginsberg Published by Twelvetress Press, 1990 Folio, gray cloth with printed dust jacket Edition of 5000 Photographs Allen Ginsberg Published by Twelvetress Press, 1990 Folio, gray cloth with … Continue reading

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Jan Henderikse – Broadway

Author : Jan Henderikse Title: Broadway Published by Jan Henderikse-Uitgeverij/Bebert Edition in 1983; an edition of 100 signed and 100 unsigned books. Accordion book, in cardboard covers with two black … Continue reading

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Danny Lyon – The destruction of lower Manhattan

  Title: The Destruction of Lower Manhattan Author: Danny Lyon Published by Macmillan Company in 1969. 4to, Hardcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket. [A second edition was published in 2005 … Continue reading

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Joel Sternfeld -Walking the High Line

  Title: Walking the High Line Author: Joel Sternfeld Published in 2001 (first edition, first printing) by Steidl 4to, 56 pages, hardcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket.   “Walking the … Continue reading

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Flemming Arnholm; Klaus Rifbjerg

    [Untitled] Authors : Flemming Arnholm (photographer); Klaus Rifbjerg (poet) Published by Forlaget Rhodos, Copenhagen, in 1969 4to, Bi-folding leporello or accordion, comprising 22 card panels and 19 black … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol – Index (Book)

Title: Index (Book) Author: Andy Warhol Published by Random House, A Black Star Book, New York, in 1967; 8000 hardcover copies and 12 000 softcover copies were printed. 4to, Hardcovers … Continue reading

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Peter Spaans – New York from the Yards

  Title: New York from the Yards Author: Peter Spaans Published in 2011 by Unconart in Amsterdam; Square octavo. Long accordion fold-out, printed on rectos only, with 52 images from … Continue reading

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Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes – The Sweet Flypaper of Life

    Title: The Sweet Flypaper of Life Authors: Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes Published by Simon and Schuster, New York, 1955 8vo: dark boards with a photographically illustrated dust … Continue reading

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Percy Loomis Sperr – Island Scenes

  Title: Island Scenes Author: Percy Loomis Sperr Self-published in 1937 4to: wrappers, unpaginated — Percy Loomis Sperr (1890-1964) compiled more than 30,000 photographs, comprising a detailed portrait of the … Continue reading

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Elvira Lindo – New York: Boys Are So Dumb

  Title: New York: Boys are so dumb Author: Elvira Lindo Published and designed by Caravanbook, 2015 A6 size, unpaginated (20 pages + 4 extra small pages), photographically illustrated wrappers — “New York: Boys … Continue reading

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Aaron Krach

      Title: 100 New York Mysteries Author: Aaron Krach Self-published in 2006, edition of 500 8vo: black wrappers, black and white photographs, unpaginated   —   Aaron Krach, … Continue reading

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Walker Evans – Many Are Called

  Title: Many Are Called Author: Walker Evans Introduction from James Agee Published in 1966, by Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, Boston 4to: black and white photographs, black … Continue reading

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Guy Bourdin – Sighs, Whispers for Bloomingdale’s

  Title: Sighs, Whispers for Bloomingdale’s Author: Guy Bourdin Published by Bloomingdale’s in 1976 8vo: 36 color photographs, wrappers illustrated with photographs, unpaginated.   —   Bloomingdale’s commissioned the Parisian … Continue reading

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Mooning – World Trade Center

  Title: World Trade Center – Documentation of Performances, Installations and Texts – World Trade Center – Complex/N.Y. Author: Peter J. Monnig 4to: published in 1979 by Daily-Edition, Cologne / … Continue reading

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Mario Bucovich – Manhattan Magic

  Title: Manhattan Magic Author: Mario Bucovich Published most likely by Bucovich himself, in 1937, and printed by Beck Engraving Company in Philadelphia 4to: 95 pp, with 85 photographs printed … Continue reading

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Holiday – The Book of New York

  Title: Holiday – The Book of New York Edited by Ted Patrick, with photos credited to many photographers, and texts from E.B. White, Langston Hughes among others. Published by … Continue reading

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Ken Ohara – One

    Author: Ken Ohara Title: One Text by Hiro Published in 1970, by Tsukiji Publishing Co. Tokyo [A new edition was published by Taschen in 1997] 4to: 500 pp; … Continue reading

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Tenmei Kanoh – New York 1969

    Author: Tenmei Kanoh Title: New York 1969 Self-published in October 2014 Edition: 200 4to: unpaginated, softcover, no dust jacket

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William Klein – Life is good and good for you in New York

  William Klein Life is good and good for you in New York: Trance Witness Revels Editions du Seuil, Album, Petite Planete, Paris, 1956 Hardcover, black cloth and illustrated dust … Continue reading

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The Bridge – Gay Talese and Bruce Davidson

Title: The Bridge Authors: Gay Talese (text), Lili Rethi (drawings), Bruce Davidson (photographs) Publisher: Harper & Row Publishers (New York) Year: 1964 (first edition) – [There is a recent edition … Continue reading

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Christopher Wool – East Broadway Breakdown

  Author: Christopher Wool Title: East Broadway Breakdown Publisher: Holzwarth Publications, Berlin Year: 2003 (first edition) 4to, softcover, photographically illustrated dust jacket, 328 pages, including 158 black-and-white photographs. Photos and … Continue reading

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