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Andy Warhol – Index (Book)

  Title: Index (Book) Author: Andy Warhol Published by Random House, A Black Star Book, New York, in 1967; 8000 hardcover copies and 12 000 softcover copies were printed. 4to, … Continue reading

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Peter Spaans – New York from the Yards

  Title: New York from the Yards Author: Peter Spaans Published in 2011 by Unconart in Amsterdam; Square octavo. Long accordion fold-out, printed on rectos only, with 52 images from … Continue reading

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Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes – The Sweet Flypaper of Life

    Title: The Sweet Flypaper of Life Authors: Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes Published by Simon and Schuster, New York, 1955 8vo: dark boards with a photographically illustrated dust … Continue reading

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Percy Loomis Sperr – Island Scenes

  Title: Island Scenes Author: Percy Loomis Sperr Self-published in 1937 4to: wrappers, unpaginated — Percy Loomis Sperr (1890-1964) compiled more than 30,000 photographs, comprising a detailed portrait of the … Continue reading

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Elvira Lindo – New York: Boys Are So Dumb

  Title: New York: Boys are so dumb Author: Elvira Lindo Published and designed by Caravanbook, 2015 A6 size, unpaginated (20 pages + 4 extra small pages), photographically illustrated wrappers — “New York: Boys … Continue reading

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Aaron Krach

      Title: 100 New York Mysteries Author: Aaron Krach Self-published in 2006, edition of 500 8vo: black wrappers, black and white photographs, unpaginated   —   Aaron Krach, … Continue reading

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Walker Evans – Many Are Called

  Title: Many Are Called Author: Walker Evans Introduction from James Agee Published in 1966, by Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, Boston 4to: black and white photographs, black … Continue reading

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Guy Bourdin – Sighs, Whispers for Bloomingdale’s

  Title: Sighs, Whispers for Bloomingdale’s Author: Guy Bourdin Published by Bloomingdale’s in 1976 8vo: 36 color photographs, wrappers illustrated with photographs, unpaginated.   —   Bloomingdale’s commissioned the Parisian … Continue reading

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Mooning – World Trade Center

  Title: World Trade Center – Documentation of Performances, Installations and Texts – World Trade Center – Complex/N.Y. Author: Peter J. Monnig 4to: published in 1979 by Daily-Edition, Cologne / … Continue reading

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Mario Bucovich – Manhattan Magic

  Title: Manhattan Magic Author: Mario Bucovich Published most likely by Bucovich himself, in 1937, and printed by Beck Engraving Company in Philadelphia 4to: 95 pp, with 85 photographs printed … Continue reading

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Holiday – The Book of New York

  Title: Holiday – The Book of New York Edited by Ted Patrick, with photos credited to many photographers, and texts from E.B. White, Langston Hughes among others. Published by … Continue reading

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Ken Ohara – One

    Author: Ken Ohara Title: One Text by Hiro Published in 1970, by Tsukiji Publishing Co. Tokyo [A new edition was published by Taschen in 1997] 4to: 500 pp; … Continue reading

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Tenmei Kanoh – New York 1969

    Author: Tenmei Kanoh Title: New York 1969 Self-published in October 2014 Edition: 200 4to: unpaginated, softcover, no dust jacket

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William Klein – Life is good and good for you in New York

  William Klein Life is good and good for you in New York: Trance Witness Revels Editions du Seuil, Album, Petite Planete, Paris, 1956 Hardcover, black cloth and illustrated dust … Continue reading

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The Bridge – Gay Talese and Bruce Davidson

Title: The Bridge Authors: Gay Talese (text), Lili Rethi (drawings), Bruce Davidson (photographs) Publisher: Harper & Row Publishers (New York) Year: 1964 (first edition) – [There is a recent edition … Continue reading

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Christopher Wool – East Broadway Breakdown

  Author: Christopher Wool Title: East Broadway Breakdown Publisher: Holzwarth Publications, Berlin Year: 2003 (first edition) 4to, softcover, photographically illustrated dust jacket, 328 pages, including 158 black-and-white photographs. Photos and … Continue reading

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Saul Leiter – Early Color

  Author: Saul Leiter Title: Early Color Publisher: Steidl Year: 2006 (first edition)

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Bruce Gilden – Coney Island

Author: Bruce Gilden Title: Coney Island (1969-1986) Publisher: Trebruk Year: 2002  

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Berenice Abbott / Henry Lanier – Greenwich Village – Today & Yesterday

Author: Berenice Abbott (photographs) / Henry W. Lanier (text) Title: Greenwich Village – Today & Yesterday Publisher: Harper & Brothers Publishers/New York Year: 1949 (first edition) 8vo, hardcover, black cloth, photographically illustrated … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol – Andy Warhol

Author: Andy Warhol Title: Andy Warhol Publisher: Moderna Museet, Stockholm Year: 1968 (first edition) — Warhol’s first European retrospective was a multimedia installation in Stockholm. The exhibition’s subtitle placed the … Continue reading

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Robert Longo – Men in the Cities

  Author: Robert Longo Title: Men in the Cities (photographs 1976-1982) Publisher: Schirmer Year: 2009

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Lucas Samaras – Album

Author: Lucas Samaras Title: Album – Autointerview, Autobiography, Autobiography Publisher: Whitney Museum of American Art and Pace Editions Inc., New York Year: 1971; normal edition 2000 + a limited edition … Continue reading

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Bruce Davidson – Subway

  Author: Bruce Davidson Title: Subway Publisher: Aperture Year: 1986

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Q. Sakamaki – Tompkins Square Park

  Author: Q Sakamaki Title: Tompkins Square Park Publisher: powerHouse Books Year: 2008

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Bruce Davidson – Brooklyn Gang

Author: Bruce Davidson Title: Brooklyn Gang Publisher: Twin Palm Publishers Year: 1998

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Jason Nocito – Pud

  Author: Jason Nocito Title: Pud Publisher: Dashwood Books Year: 2014

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Ugo Mulas – New York: Arte e Persone

  Author:  Ugo Mulas Title: New York: Arte e Persone Publisher: Longanesi & C. Year: 1967

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Bruce Davidson – East 100th Street

  Author : Bruce Davidson Title: East 100th Street Publisher: Harvard University Press/Cambridge/Massachusetts Year: 1970 (First edition) Hardcover, tan cloth with one photograph affixed, printed acetate dust jacket. 130 pages, … Continue reading

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Charles Johnstone – Thirtyfour Basketball Courts

  Author : Charles Johnstone Title: Thirtyfour Basketball Courts Self published Year: 2010 Edition of 200

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Keizo Kitajima – New York

  Author : Keizo Kitajima Title: New York Publisher: Kazu Yamazaki Year: 1982

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