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Gordon Matta-Clark – Walls paper

Title: Walls paper Author: Gordon Matta-Clark Published by Buffalo Press in 1973 4to, softcover, stapple-bound, 144 pages Edition of 1000, including 100 signed “Wallspaper is an artist’s book published in … Continue reading

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New York – Giacomo Brunelli

Title: New York Author: Giacomo Brunelli Published in 2020 by Skinnerboox 4to, hardcover on leather, issued without dust jacket, 64 pages “Giacomo Brunelli stalks the streets of New York with … Continue reading

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Ballet – Henry Leutwyler

Author: Henry Leutwyler Title: Ballet – Photographs of the New York City Ballet Published in 2012 by Steidl (first edition) 4to, hardcover, clothbound with tipped-in plate; issued without dust-jacket; 488 … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Stroll – David Brandon Geeting

Author : David Brandon Geeting Title: Neighborhood Stroll Published by Skinnerboox & Same Paper in 2019 Hardocover, 300 pp, laid in folded poster, no dust jacket, 4to Neighborhood Stroll is … Continue reading

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Forth + Back – Dreams of New York

Title: Dreams of New York Author: Forth + Back (photos from Google Earth) Published in 2020 by Aint-Bad, 2nd edition (1st edition, self-published in 2019) Hardcover, 208 pages, 4to, issued … Continue reading

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Daniel Wronecki et al. – New York

Title: New York Authors: Daniel Wronecki (19 photographs and text); Henri Cartier-Bresson (64); J.J. Languepin (12); Fred Stein (5). Published in 1949, by Fernand Nathan (Paris). Softcover photographically illustrated, 190 … Continue reading

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Bohm, Pizzaroni, Scheppe – End Commercial

Title : End Commercial – Reading the City Authors: Florian Bohm; Luca Pizzaroni; Wolfgang Scheppe Published in 2002 by Hate Cantz Publishers (Germany), first edition. 4to, Hardcovers photographically illustrated, without … Continue reading

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Bill Cunningham – Facades

Title: Facades Author: Bill Cunningham Published in 1978 by Penguin, 1st edition 4to, softcover photographically illustrated, 128 pp. with many photos Bill Cunningham (1929-2016) moved to New York in 1948, … Continue reading

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Peter Hujar – Night

Title: Night Author: Peter Hujar Published in 2005 by Fraenkel Gallery and Matthew Marks Gallery to accompany the exhibition of Peter Hujar’s photos. Hardcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket, 4to, … Continue reading

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David Wojnarowicz – Rimbaud in New York

Title: Rimbaud in New York Author: David Wojnarowicz Published in 2004 by PPP editions, first edition of 1000 copies. Hardcover, 4to, no dust jacket as issued. David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992) was an … Continue reading

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Jessica Dimmock – The Ninth Floor

Title: The Ninth Floor Author: Jessica Dimmock Published in 2007 by Contrasto (Italy). 4to, photographically illustrated hardcovers, no dust jacket  Jessica Dimmock (1978) isa documentary photojournalist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, … Continue reading

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Guta de Carvalho – New York Rhapsody

Title: New York Rhapsody Author: Guta de Carvalho Self-published in 1983 in Lisbon/Portugal. Softcovers photographically illustrated, 4to. — Guta de Carvalho is a Portuguese photographer who, prompted by his mentor … Continue reading

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Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb – Brooklyn – The City Within

Title: Brooklyn – The City Within Authors: Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb Published in 2019 by Aperture, first edition. Hardcover, 4to, photographically illustrated dust jacket. “Brooklyn – The City … Continue reading

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Cecil Beaton – Cecil Beaton’s New York

Title: Cecil Beaton’s New York Author: Cecil Beaton Published in 1938, first edition, in yellow cloth, in London by B.T. Batsford and in New York/Philadelphia by J.B. Lippincott Company Hardcover … Continue reading

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Oriol Maspons and Julio Ubina (photographs); Federico Garcia Lorca (poems) – Poeta en Nueva York

Title: Poeta en Nueva York Authors: Oriol Maspons and Julio Ubina (photographs); Federico Garcia Lorca (poems) Published in 1966 by Lumen in Barcelona, 1stedition Hardcover, photographically illustrated without dust jacket, … Continue reading

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Eva Fukova, Milon Novotny, Marie Sechtlova – New York

Title: New York Authors: Eva Fukova, Milon Novotny, Marie Sechtlova Published in 1966 by Mlada Fronta (Prague), designed by Jaroslav Fiser Hardcover with illustrated dust jacket, 4to, pp. 172, 10.000 … Continue reading

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Roy Colmer – New York City 1984-1986

Title: New York City 1984-1986 Author: Roy Colmer Self-published in 1987 with the assistance of Blue Sky Gallery Softcover, 4to, pp. 24 Roy Colmer (1935-2014) was born in London and … Continue reading

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The Animals – Garry Winogrand

Title: The Animals Author: Garry Winogrand Published in 1969, by The Museum of Modern Art. First edition, softcover photographically illustrated, 4to, 50 pages. Garry Winogrand (1928, 1984) was essentially a … Continue reading

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Ethan James Green – Young New York

Author : Ethan James Green Title: Young New York Published by Aperture in 2019 (first edition). 4to, Hardcover with tipped-in plate, more 100 pages with 55 plates Ethan James Green … Continue reading

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Peter Funch – 42nd and Vanderbilt

  Peter Funch 42nd and Vanderbilt. First edition, first printing, published by TBW Books in 2017. 4to, hardcover with photographic illustration, issued without dust jacket, 160 pp., and 123 color … Continue reading

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Antoine d’Agata – New York 1989-93

Antoine d’Agata New York 1989-93 Published in 2016 by Andre Freres editions 8vo, softcover with rigid dust jacket “New York 1989-93″is a biographical photobook, part of  a series of 12 … Continue reading

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Sophie Bramly -Walk This Way

  Author: Sophie Bramly, Title: Walk This Way Published in 2015 by Anoite de Beaupre/Gallerie 213, Paris in 2015. A limited edition of 500, each with a print signed by … Continue reading

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Jacob Riis – How the Other Half Lives

Author: Jacob Riis Title: How the Other Half Lives – Studies among the Tenements of New York Published in 1890 by Charles Scriber’s Sons, New York (First edition, first printing) … Continue reading

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Weegee – Naked City

  Author: Weegee (Arthur Felig) Title: Naked City Published in 1945 by Essential Books (in order to distinguish first and second printing see this post) 8vo, Hardcover with illustrated dust … Continue reading

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Sol Lewitt – Autobiography

      Sol Lewitt Autobiography 4to, published in 1980 by Multiples Inc. and Lois and Michael K. Torf (first edition) Softcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket, 126 pages.   … Continue reading

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Daniel Shea – 43-35 10th Street

Author: Daniel Shea Title: 43-35 10th Street Published by Kodoji Press in 2018 Softcover, 4to, 288 pages In order to perpetuate a modern identity and a privileged position at global … Continue reading

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Hermann Zschiegner – 25 ¢

      Hermann Zschiegner 25 ¢ Published in 2011 by Blurb 8vo, photographically illustrated softcover, 48 pages   Hermann Zschiegner has published several small photobooks always based on a … Continue reading

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Pascal Anders – Alphabet City

      Pascal Anders Alphabet City Self-published in 2011, edition of 100 8vo, softcover, 54 pages     “Alphabet City” is the third book from Pascal Anders (he has published … Continue reading

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Gilles Peress – The Rockaways

  The Rockaways Gilles Peress (photos) and Hamilton Fish (edited) Published in 2013 by Concord Free Press, 3 000 copies 4to, illustrated softcover, 93 pages     This book was … Continue reading

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Ryoji Akiyama – New York Reports

    Ryoji Akiyama New York Reports Published in 1980 by Bokusui-Sha Press 4to, hardcover black leather with tipped-in color plate, 47 pictures and about 100 pages     In “New … Continue reading

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