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Ethan James Green – Young New York

Author : Ethan James Green

Title: Young New York

Published by Aperture in 2019 (first edition).

4to, Hardcover with tipped-in plate, more 100 pages with 55 plates

Ethan James Green is a young photographer in his late 20s, originally from Michigan, currently living in New York. After starting off as a model, Ethan decided to become a fashion photographer.

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Green has also developed a personal interest in portraying a new generation of New Yorkers, who circulate often in the art world and are expanding gender expressions. Green meets them in clubs, fashion shows, and through social media. They are musicians, like Torraine Futurum, dancers, designers, models, and other creative fields.

They represent a community with non-normative gender and sexual identities. In Green’s perspective, this community “is making New York New York again”. “They are what’s important right now”…”it’s their time.”

As revealed in Green’s black-and-white portraits, these millennium scene makers are often in states of transition, especially gender transition. Michael Schulman rightly writes in the accompanying essay, “transitions render people vulnerable, but Green’s subjects are confidently beautiful, masters of style and attitude”.

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April 2019

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