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Flemming Arnholm; Klaus Rifbjerg




Authors : Flemming Arnholm (photographer); Klaus Rifbjerg (poet)

Published by Forlaget Rhodos, Copenhagen, in 1969

4to, Bi-folding leporello or accordion, comprising 22 card panels and 19 black an white photographs; illustrated covers; issued without dust jacked; unpaginated.

This photobook could be included in a category of innovative book designs. The book unfolds in different ways and directions: one of the central panels unfolds vertically whereas the lateral panels unfold horizontally, allowing for different combination and juxtaposition of pictures. The panels can also be unfolded in ways that allow the book to take different geometric forms and to become a photobook-sculpture

This book is the result of the collaboration of the largely unknown photographer Flemming Arnholm and the poet Klaus Rifbjerg. Flemming Arnholm went to New York in 1968 where he wrote articles and reviews on photography for a Danish photo magazine. In New York he met and interviewed Richard Avedon, Karsh, Irving Penn and other star photographers. During that period he shot the photos of New York street scenes, which were reproduced for this book together with Rifbjerg’s poems.

The book was then arranged by Michael Malling (who did several outstanding and award winning graphic designs for books published by Rhodos) and the result was this highly unusual photobook. It was chosen as one the 28 most important Danish photo books for the catalogue and exhibition “28 Danish Photographic Books”, in 2006, in connection with exhibition “The Open Book” by The Hasselblad Centre in 2004.


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