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Aaron Krach




Title: 100 New York Mysteries

Author: Aaron Krach

Self-published in 2006, edition of 500

8vo: black wrappers, black and white photographs, unpaginated



Aaron Krach, an artist and writer who works with different media, moved to New York from LA and fell instantly in love with the city, which felt like home. The city looked alive, offering mysterious bits of beautifulness everywhere. In 2003 he started to take pictures of steam coming out of the streets and sidewalks, with which he became mildly obsessed. He decided to photograph all different permutations of it: seeping, spewing, erupting, leaking, blowing, and more. 100 of them made their way into this book, with no words, like a silent movie, narrating a very personal story. The photos are all high-contrast, accentuating the mysterious and darker feeling emanating from the streets of NYC at night. Smoke drifts like in an old illusionist show.

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This entry was posted on February 27, 2016 by in Examination of typologies and serialization, New York photobooks.
February 2016

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