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Rita Barros – Chelsea Hotel

This is a peculiar document about Chelsea Hotel, once considered the cult and underground mark of NYC. Rita Barros lived there for 15 years, throughout the 80s/90s, when she decided to reveal some of the unique and lively worlds hidden behind each door. As Gerard Schreiner mentions in one of the texts, “Barros guides us into the Chelsea theater of solitude, haunted with reveries, emotional ambiguities, fragments of self…”. Even though this building was transformed into an hotel in 1905, it remained more kind of a residence-hotel, with tenants such as Mark Twain, Bette Davis, Vladimir Nabokov, Sarah Bernardt, Jackson Pollock, Janis Joplin, among many others.

Interesting that this book was not published in the US/New York, but in Portugal, with texts both in Portuguese and English.

Author: Rita Barros
Title: Chelsea Hotel – fifteen years
Publisher: Camara Municipal de Lisboa
Year: 1999
Edition of 2500



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February 2015

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